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1 Forum Graphics Review- by Sir Chivas on Fri Jun 01, 2012 7:23 pm

The Genesis

Teen Talk

Graphics & Layout
    The Graphics are amazing! I got to say, the Logo is nice. But in my opinion, I suggest making it better, since it tells members, what the forum is really about. Maybe, try adding some images to it? Also, maybe centering the Logo, would probably look nicer. I've seen the Forum's icons, but I'm bit of confuse? Which one is the New posts, No new posts, and Locked? Try adding it back, it really does help (useful for the members. That's if you removed it). The theme is wonderful, it's very nice and sleek. I got to say, you choosed a wonderful theme, it doesn't forces the member's vision. I think, the sensation of it, is very calming and relaxing. It actually does make me want to join the Forum. I really suggest to add icons to each Forum, that way it looks more proffesional. I suggest to use this site: (I recommend images of 48x48 pixels). One thing, I don't really like is the forum's Legend. There is a big gap in between both Groups. Try to reduce that spacing. Other then this, this forum's Grahics look wonderful.


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