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1Important Topic Handy Dandy Forum Guide on Sat May 19, 2012 8:31 pm

The Genesis
The General Forum Rules
We strive to maintain a positive atmosphere on TeenTalk and we have laid out a set of concise rules which every player must follow. The rules are as follows:

- Cursing
Cursing is a very serious breach of rules and will result in serious sanction of the forum. Loss- 5 karma points per offending word in a post

- Advertising other forums/websites
The forum is entitled TeenTalk, not AdvertiseHere. Advertising is not tolerated. Loss- 3 karma points per ad.

- General Rudeness and lack of courtesy
We expect all players to understand the basic rules of common courtesy. Aggressive behaviour, demeaning others, attacking players, trying to mini-mod and sarcastic, snide remarks are certainly not tolerated here and will result in severe punishment. Loss- 1 to 3 karma points per offending post, depending on seriousness of offence.

- Bumping topics
Bumping up topics is prohibited here unless your topic is not on the first page and has not been answered. Any solved answers will be moved to the Archive in order to limit clogging up of the forums. Loss- 1 karma point per 3 inappropriate BUMPs.

- Caps Lock
The Caps key is allowed for one-word emphasis only. Whole or a majority of a sentence in Caps is off limits. Loss- a warning or 1 karma point per 5 offending points.

- Extensive chat-speak
The English language wasn't made to be destroyed by chatspeak. Use every letter of a word. Loss- 1 karma point per 3 offending topics.

- Extensive character repetition
It doesn't take tens upon tens of characters to try and emphasise a word. Loss- 1 karma point per 5 offences.

- Extensive smiley repetition
Likewise, this is not, in any way, appreciated. It makes it hard for the topic to be read. Loss- 1 karma point per 5 offences

- Flooding the forums with topics
Double posts may happen by accident. Don't worry- a moderator will delete one of the topics. However deliberately posting multiple topics is not acceptable and all will be deleted. Loss- 1 karma point

- Shaming other players
Defaming a player is strictly prohibited, as law in most countries. You will be severely punished. Loss- 5 karma points per occasion of offence.

- Pornography, Political statements, Religious statements
Please note that not all players here may be a certain religion, culture, follows a certain political party. Nothing of this sort is allowed. Loss- 10 karma points per offending image/statement etc

- Posts that are non-relevant
Any posts such as how you lost your karma, why you were sanctioned, what happened to your private mail access etc is not allowed. Please raise these questions with a moderator/admin. Loss- 1 karma point

- Coloured texts
Coloured/bolded/underlined/italics text is reserved for the use of moderators/admins. There are many other ways to emphasise a point- *such as this*. Loss- 1 karma point per 5 offending posts.

- Relevant Titles
Please use relevant titles for topics. We do not appreciate titles such as 'SOS', 'Help', 'Come quick' etc. Loss- 1 karma point per 5 offending topics.

- Language
We have a strict 'English language only' policy on this forum. Loss- 1 karma points per 2 offending posts.

- Moderators
Moderators are volunteer players who maintain the forums and help the players. If you have a query for a mod, send them a PM. However, if they do not reply do not repeatedly send them more messages concerning the same subject. They are under no obligation to answer. Mods are real people, not robots.

- Administrators
Admins are the highest authority on this board. Some admins choose not to be accessible by private message as their inbox may become flooded. If you must contact an admin, please do so through the 'Contact Us' feature or PM a mod instead.

- Complaints
Complaints against a post may be made by using the report tool. Any complaints against things that aren't a topic/post should be done by going to the page that has the offence and then using the 'Report an Abuse' link, at the bottom of the page.

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