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1Important Topic Introduce Yourself Notice on Mon May 21, 2012 6:49 am

The Genesis
Please note the following before you make a post that you are held responsible for:

- As you are the creator of the post, we cannot be held responsible for the material and content that is contained in it. We do not endorse the disclosure of personal informations such as full name, address etc. Moderators will work their hardest to censor any messages that contain such informations but, as real people, we cannot cover all materials.
- To try and enforce this guideline the below form is optional. For those who wish to try and protect their privacy then we advice you use the below form:

[b][color=green]Name (first name only):[/color]
[color=violet]Location (approximate eg. state/county):[/color]
[color=violet]How you found TeenTalk:[/color][/b]

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